Single-Family Homes


A single family home may seem like it's just a house for a single family, but it's not. There's a list of property characteristics that need to be met in order for a property to be considered a single family home. Legally a single-family is, " a structure maintained and used as a single dwelling unit".


Some Characteristics:

  • Ownership: One title to one individual
  • Road: The home must have a path that allows access to a road and the house.
  • Land: The property cannot be shared with another structure, the property is to be privately used by the owner
  • Walls: A single-family home cannot share walls or a roof with another building
  • Kitchen: Only one kitchen may be built. A second kitchen could signify that another person is living in the house which results in ordinance changes.
  • Utilities: Utilities can't be shared with another property

There's many benefits of owning a single-family. Switching from a rent-situation to an ownership position will provide a positive outcome as long as you stay fiscally responsible.


Benefits Of A Single Family Home:

  • complete control over your living space
  • Property that can be used as you please
  • Privacy
  • Storage space