Steps To Buying A Home

1) Deciding to Buy

Here is where we discuss the process of buying. A house is one of the best investments you can make. It's the foundation for building wealth or in better terms, building equity. There's home-owner tax advantages, housing costs are stabilized, control over your living space is gained and your investment can be used in the future as leverage for another investment. Whatever you're in the market for, a first home, a new home, a vacation home or even an investment property, buying real estate is critical for investment success.


Why buy?

  1. Money goes towards growing equity
  2. The market is growing fast
  3. strong credit is not needed to buy a home
  4. Investment appreciates everyday
  5. Take advantage of tax benefits
  6. Stabilize housing costs
  7. Freedom to modify home
  8. Social Benefits
  9. We can guide you through all the steps of home buying to keep things stress-free and easy

2) Call Us to Discuss Your Options

Acquiring property can be complicated. There are many different processes involved and an expert Real Estate Agent is there to guide you through all these moving parts. We can handle all functions of the buyers market effectively, meet your requirements, and get you the home you want.


What you can expect from Expert Real Estate Agents in the buying market:

  1. Getting you pre-approved for lending 
  2. Connections with home inspectors, lenders and developers
  3. Information on the market
  4. Negotiation skills
  5. Meets deadlines
  6. Leads and explains each step of the way

3) Understand Your Financial Situation

Before starting the search for a new home, you're going to have to pre-qualify for a loan. A mortgage may seem unmanageable but if you can pay your rent you can pay a mortgage. In the beginning a mortgage loan originator is sought out, a good real estate agent will supply trusted originators. Pre-qualification determines how much you can afford. A pre-qualified buyer is taken seriously in the markets and is more likely to obtain a home.

4) Start Your Search

Finally the search for your new home begins. Start by clearly defining wants and needs for your new home. A real estate agent will use these to identify prospective homes. An expert real estate agent can accurately pinpoint a house that exactly meets your realistic criteria. The search for these homes is generally done online through the MLS (multiple-listing service). Once the homes are selected it's time to go visit them. Over the next few months the search narrows down to a few select favorites. Then all you have to do is decide which one is perfect for you.


5) Make an Offer

It's time to make a deal. A house has been selected and you want to extend an offer. Now's the time to take a step back and a deep breath, it's time to be patient. The more professionally you navigate the next steps the better deal you'll receive. We'll guide you through the negotiation process until you receive the best deal you can.

6) Due Diligence

Before the house is bought, there are many steps that ensure there's no complications. First get the home insured and the property inspected. This'll ensure everything functions the way it's supposed to, any issues that the original homeowner had been hiding will be exposed. Any issues that arise that you weren't aware of before inspection can become re-negotiation opportunities. If it's really bad this provides the opportunity to walk.


An abstract of title search will be ran to check that there's no claims against the title of the property. Finally, one last walk through the house is made to ensure that everything is the same as it was before you sign the sale.

7) Closing

This is the end of the home buyers process. All the finishing touches are made on the mortgage and approval is verified, the seller is payed as well as all the different closing costs. We'll hire a lawyer to sort out all the transactional costs as well as the record. The title gets transferred, you receive the keys and get cleared to move in.


It's the owners responsibility to stay up to date on paper work, stay fiscally responsible and protect your investment.

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