Commercial Properties


A Commercial real estate lease is a right to the use of a retail space. The landlord and business owner agree upon terms and the signing of the lease transfers the rights of use.  There are three main types of commercial leases: net leases, full-service leases and modified gross leases. The type of lease that is to be signed is generally negotiated with the landlord and it's important to have a real estate agent for these steps. 

An agent also aids in the search. A good agent can help identify prospects that cater to your needs. Things like location, size and price all play important roles in creating a healthy business. If your selling expensive clothing you're going to want to open near expensive residencies whereas if another office space for your business should open near where your employees live, or where you'd like your employees to come from. Being completely aware of where to target your ideal customer is one of the most important aspects of the search for commercial property. Your agent can conduct analysis that determines the segment you want to work in.


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