Multi-Family Homes


A multi-family home is a popular investment choice because it's an appreciating asset that builds wealth and supplies passive income from rents. It's also used as a living space where the rent from the other unit/s are used to pay the mortgage. Either way it's a great way to invest.


Advantages of Multi-Family Homes:

  • Space can be given to family members in need
  • Steady revenue stream is created from rent
  • Extra tax breaks that are multi-family specific
  • Risk mitigation from multiple tenants that create multiple rent streams
  • Wealth building


A MFH is a long term investment that may require work  in the beginning before being able to rent. Sometimes the best deals are in the rehab process because a cheap plot can be secured, a house built and interim synergies that can create a larger value than spent. We can recommend services to build new or rehab homes.