Our Mission:

We here at paragon are a full service Real Estate Brokerage dedicated to offering clients the highest level of care and trust with every Real Estate transaction. Each and everyday we go above and beyond the expectations of our clients because Paragon by definition is the embodiment of excellence. 

Our Vision:

The goal for Paragon and its members is to create a lasting experience for you and your family. We are creating the foundation for the next generation and we want to be there to offer them the same excellent experience.

"Values of Success": 

Professional- Someone who goes above and beyond. 

Ambitious- Strong desire and determination to succeed. 

Responsible- High level of trust and accountability.

Adaptable- Flexible and levelheaded when challenged. 

Genuine- Straightforward and honest with everyone.

Optimistic- Maintain a positive and confident energy.

Neighborly- Family and community oriented.